Lecture, three hours; laboratory, two hours. Requisite: course 30A. Designed for life sciences students. Introduction to statistics with emphasis on computer simulation of chance probabilities as replacement for traditional formula-based approach. Simulations allow for deeper understanding of statistical concepts, and are applicable to wider class of distributions and estimators. Students learn simple programming language to carry out statistical simulations, and apply them to classic problems of elementary statistics. Letter grading.

Review Summary

10.0 / 10
10.0 / 10
5-10 hrs/week
10.0 / 10


    Quarter Taken: Winter 2023 In-Person
    Grade: A+

    This class was quite dense, but extremely rewarding. Garfinkel is an excellent presenter and was able to make stats interesting to me.


Alan Garfinkel
Previously taught
24S 23W 21F 19S

Grading Information

  • Has a group project

  • Attendance required

  • 1 midterm

  • Finals week final

  • 100% recommend the textbook