Lecture, three or four hours; discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Introduction to study of strategic interaction in political applications. Use of game theory and other formal modeling strategies to understand politics. P/NP or letter grading.

Review Summary

1.7 / 10
1.7 / 10
10-15 hrs/week
3.3 / 10


    Quarter Taken: Fall 2021 In-Person
    Grade: A-

    if this wasn't a pre-req for my major, i wouldn't have taken this class. professor o'neill is a great guy, but as a teacher he is all over the place. i found it so so difficult to grasp the concepts and relied a lot on my TA and the discussion sections. maybe try taking this class with friends, or try to make sure you clarify confusing concepts with the professor or TA!


Barry O'Neill
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Grading Information

  • No group projects

  • Attendance required

  • 1 midterm

  • Finals week final

  • 100% recommend the textbook


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