Lecture, four hours; discussion, two hours; outside study, six hours. Introduction to computer science via theory, applications, and programming. Basic data types, operators and control structures. Input/output. Procedural and data abstraction. Introduction to object-oriented software development. Functions, recursion. Arrays, strings, pointers. Abstract data types, object-oriented programming. Examples and exercises from computer science theory and applications. Letter grading.

Review Summary

10.0 / 10
10.0 / 10
10-15 hrs/week
8.3 / 10


    Quarter Taken: Winter 2022 In-Person
    Grade: A+

    Professor Huang was definitely an easy professor, but I don't think I was ultimately prepared for CS 32. the next quarter. I just looked through his slides, or watched on 2x speed, and didn't really attend lectures live because they were often slow

    Quarter Taken: Winter 2022 In-Person
    Grade: A+

    Professor Huang is a great professor and I would recommend taking the class with him.

    Quarter Taken: Winter 2022 In-Person
    Grade: A

    overall liked the class; Huang was super enthusiastic during lectures and I'd highly encourage attending them live


Bruce Huang
Previously taught
23W 22W 21W

Grading Information

  • No group projects

  • Attendance not required

  • 1 midterm

  • Finals week final

  • 67% recommend the textbook

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