Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields

Lecture/demonstration, four hours; discussion, one hour. Enforced requisites: course 1A, Mathematics 31B, 32A. Enforced corequisite: Mathematics 32B. Fluid mechanics, oscillation, mechanical waves, and sound. Electric charge, field and potential, capacitors, and dielectrics. Currents and resistance, direct-current circuits. P/NP or letter grading.

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3.3 / 10
6.7 / 10
5-10 hrs/week
3.3 / 10


    Quarter Taken: Winter 2024 In-Person
    Grade: A

    This is Professor Pilgrim's first time teaching and it shows. She basically reads off her lecture slides (which are also copied from the textbook) while making numerous mistakes when explaining concepts. This confuses her and the students, leading to a few minutes of correction. She also assigns homework late (sometimes the night before lecture) meaning it is hard to get ahead/learn material before class. Every Wednesday is a quiz of the hardest homework problems from the previous week, so it could be a small booster for your grade if you do the homework. Professor Pilgrim is helpful and listens to feedback from students, so if you are struggling, she will provide you with help.


Pilgram, J.J.
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Grading Information

  • No group projects

  • Attendance required

  • 2 midterms

  • Finals week final

  • 100% recommend the textbook

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